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Victorian Energy Efficiency Scheme

What is the offer?

We replace your halogen down lights with energy saving globes, FREE OF CHARGE.
Please note – there is a $30 call out fee if < 10 globes are replaced and a $5 per globe charged for the dimmable product.


Lite Energy is accredited under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme. The VEET Scheme is a state Government scheme that aims to encourage the uptake of energy efficient technology.

The products fitted into your home reduce your energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, creating Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECS). When you assign these VEECs to Lite Energy, we can trade them through the scheme. This covers the cost of the product and installation, which is why we can afford to offer this service.

Why do I need to sign a form?

We provide you with the service that is FREE OF CHARGE in exchange for you assigning to us your VEECs. When you sign the form, you are confirming that the details on the form are true and correct, the products have been installed and you have given us the VEECs. We sell the VEECs to pay for the products and installation.

Why do we need to take away your old globes?

The VEET Scheme requires that we remove and account for all the replaced globes and have them recycled. For additional information on the Scheme: http://www.esc.vic.gov.au/Home