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Company Profile

Lite Energy rebranded from Enact Energy Pty Ltd in July 2012.  Lite Energy has been operating in Australia since late 2008 in response to the introduction of various Australian State and Federal Government energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets and schemes. Building on its hugely successful UK projects and drawing from its experience under Enact Energy UK since 1996, Enact launched the Australian Green Project in January 2009.  Lite Energy and the Green Project has delivered over 800,000 tonnes of CO2 savings over the lifetime of the products installed in almost 125,000 homes and businesses.

Since December 2010, Lite Energy has transformed its business to offer commercial energy efficiency through lighting such as LEDs and Fluorescent tubes.

Lite Energy’s Head Office is in Sydney, we also have offices in Melbourne.


To be the global leader in providing energy efficiency services.


To achieve our vision and deliver the best energy efficient products and services to businesses through simple, informed and high quality service delivery.