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Commercial Lighting

Let your business take advantage of the current Government incentives by upgrading your lighting to energy efficient equipment. The savings associated with the upgrade are verified by Lite Energy and the products that are available have undergone extensive quality testing and have been accepted through either the NSW Energy Saving Scheme or the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target.

Halogen downlights are one of the most common forms of lighting in the world. Lite Energy can assist businesses to upgrade their inefficient lighting technology with a cost effective LED lighting solution.

Fluorescent tubes are also a very common type of lighting in commercial buildings. Lite Energy can assist businesses to replace this inefficient type of lighting solution with T8/T5 adaptors, T5 tubes and LED tubes.

The aim of this campaign is to assist businesses to replace their halogen downlights and inefficient fluorescent tubes with a more efficient lighting solution.

For more information on upgrading your businesses lighting equipment or to book a consultation for a tailored quote with a Lite Energy Consultant, please contact our team by telephone or through the online enquiry form.